The results of the award “Albania is culture”

The event “Albania is Culture”, aiming cultural tourism, organized in the Archaeological Park of Apollonia from 6-9 May 2010, and May 10 in Tirana, had a positive result in its entirety, and was recorded by the media as the biggest cultural event held till now in Albania; 1365 competitors were enrolled in this cultural initiative from all over Albania;


Young performing at “Albania is Culture”

* The Honorable Jury consisting of: Ardian Marashi, Director of Research Center of Albanology, Agron Xoxa, researcher and Artistic Director of the show, Agim Doci, poet, Samuel Chiaraluce, organizer, Kastriot Cipi, director, Agim Duro, singer, Artan Peqini , singer, Albert Janku, dancer, selected in 10 auditions throughout Albania 376 competitors, they performed and conducted a brilliant spectacle in the final nights at Apollonia;

* The event of 2010 was under the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mr. Ilir Meta, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports and the minister Mr. Ferdinand Xhaferraj, the Ministry of Economy and Energy and the minister Mr Dritan Prifti, the Ministry of Defence and the minister Mr. Arben Imami;

* The Ministry of Defence undertook the establishment of a giant campsite with 450 beds for the youngsters and their friends , who came from all schools in Albania to attend the spectacle;


Prof. Messina and Mrs. Korreshi Gega on stage

* There was an audience of 12 000 people, who attended the spectacle in his 4 nights;


* There were foreign artistic groups (Greece, Italy) and Albanian groups of folk music from all regions of Albania, including Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro;

* There was a high evaluation of the work of all the territorial actors in the city of Fier, who collaborated on the fulfillment of this cultural event as the Municipality and the Prefecture of Fier as well as the Commune of Dërmenas, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Fier and the Festival “Apollon”;

* The press gave his contribution to this event: 78 articles were published in newspapers, 95 chronicle, participation in several TV programs such as TVSH, Digitalb, Club TV, Radio Club FM, Top Albania Radio, Radio Stinet, Tv Apollon – Fier, 63 news in web sites; TVSH and Digitalb gave a strong impact on dedicated TV programs on a 4 hour show;


Young people in Apollonia archaeological park during the event

* There was a publishing in the newspaper “Koha Jone”, a supplement of 16 pages dedicated to the event “Albania is Culture”;

* 3 press conferences were organized on the realization of this event, one in Tirana, at Rogner Hotel for the launching of the event, one in Fier to realize the continuity of the Municipality of this city and one in the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports for the results that this initiative brought;

* 48 foreign speakers from the Balkans and Albanians attended the Second International Conference on “Sustainable Tourism and local development: resources, strategies and policies for Albania, as part of the European Union” that took place on 8- 9 May 2010 in Apollonia and that was closed in the final day on 10 May at the National History Museum;


Young people celebrating the winner

* A fair was held with typical products in the Apollonia’s area for 4 days;

* A derivative of this event, was the spectacle “White Night of Albanian Culture”, organized in Lezha on June 19, 2010, where all the winners of “Albania is Culture” performed a long show in Lezha, waiting for the dawn. An International Conference “Master plan of tourism and development program in Lezha” was organized in the afternoon with foreign and Albanian foreign speakers. A supplement was published on the occasion of this event that came with the newspaper “Panorama.”

The launch of this initiative through a press conference was broadcasted “live” from TV “Ora News”. There were dozens of articles published in major daily newspapers.

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