Project design and Funds

At Fondacioni Europa we design and implement projects in cooperation with Central Governements, Local administrations, Universities, NGOs, International networks and SMEs

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Travel & tourism policies

At Fondacioni Europa we carry out research, training and conferences in the field of travel & tourism both in Albania and Europe.

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The European University for Tourism experience

The European University for Tourism was the first Higher Education Istitution focused only on tourism and was established in cooepration with 14 European universities.

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At Fondacioni Europa the team has been working together for the last 10 years carrying out outstanding initiatives...

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The team of Fondacioni Europa is engaged in research activities in the field of local sustainable development and tourism...

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Mission statement

At Fondacioni Europa we are engaged to designing, implementing and exchanging best practices. For this purposes our team participate to research activities, project management and international commitee in order to share the best knowledge. Fondacioni Europa is aimed to creating an international network of laboratories for the production of ” research actions” in the field of local development, education, community planning, sustainable tourism, internationalization of business, product innovation and process innovation

Latest Posts


Fondacioni Europa participated since the beginning to NECSTouR and this year 

The implementation of the VeRotour Project

VeRoTour is the acronym of “Venetian Routes: Enhancing A European Shared Multicultural Tourism“.  Fondacioni Europa is partner of this project that was financed under the European Programme CIP 2007-2013

The results of the award “Albania is culture”

The event “Albania is Culture”, aiming cultural tourism, organized in the Archaeological Park of Apollonia from 6-9 May 2010, and May 10 in Tirana, had a positive result in its entirety, and was recorded by the media